Pizza Hut Malaysia 推出正方形 Signature Pizza只需RM12 nett!Pizza还用了3种不同的cheese,分别是cheddar,provolone,mozzarella!

 Pizza 选择有:

Fisherman’s Catch Pizza -Seafood lovers can rejoice with topping of tuna, crabmeat sticks and pineapple in Thousand Island sauce.

Barbecue Bang – Enjoy the smoky flavours of the BBQ gril with shredded chicken, sliced mushrooms and red onjons drizzled with deluxe BBQ sauce.

Seriously Sriracha – Shredded chicken, red capsicum, mushrooms, pineapple and red onion get spiced up with drizzles of sriracha, the world-renowned chili sauce.

Pepperoni Perfetto – Go for the classic favourite with the deliciously improved beef or chicken pepperoni pizza.

Italian Primo – Beef brisket strips, beef pepperoni, tomatoes, red capsium, chickend sausage and onions.

条规 :

  • Introductory price only for dine-in & takeaway.

  • No service charge.

Pizza Hut Signature Combo package with price :